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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Slowly Coming Back

Christ is Risen!
Truly, He is risen!
They don't seem to do Easter Lilies here in Scotland.  I've never seen the plant in the stores the way you do back home as Easter approaches.  We did manage to get a lovely bunch of white lilies, though, to have on our Easter / Pascha table.  They had a bit of a pale green tinge to them, as well, and they were really beautiful.

So, I am still struggling with an illness.  A thing which seems to be manifesting a bit like Bell's Palsy, and may actually be.  I'm just not sure.  It all began last September.  I went to the doctor and it was diagnosed as BP, and I was given steroids and some other high-powered thing--an anti-viral, I think. Well, the side effects from the 2-week course of meds were almost worse than the thing itself, but I stuck it out.  And, it all seemed to go away fairly quickly, within a few weeks.  But, I have to say it, I am NOT impressed with the NHS or socialized medicine.  And you hardly ever see the same doctor twice.  At least, that's how it is where I live.  So no one really knows (or cares?) about your medical history.  Anyway, I do not think the diagnosis was correct.  And the thing returned, mildly, in late February and through March.  But by Easter, it was becoming quite severe.  Then, for the past three or four weeks, it's just been really difficult to eat / talk / swallow / blow my nose (!) / spit (which makes brushing teeth a challenge).  I've been doing a LOT of research.  And I've discovered that the more rest I get, plus the more I try to reduce stress, the more the symptoms ease off.  

But, we've just gone through a MAJOR transition:  My dear husband got a new job, one that he likes much better, and one that took us from an awful nighttime schedule to a normal daytime schedule.  We also went from weekly pay to monthly pay!  The whole thing, good as it is, has been very stressful. The car keeps breaking down.  We have a big oil bill to pay.  And so, it's a challenge to de-stress.

It helps to have Lamb Hugs!  This is Snowball, giving me a hug, on a sunny and warm day this past weekend.  Lamb therapy is always good.  

Meanwhile, I'm working on trying to improve our nutrition and general health, trying to get gentle exercise, trying to do healthy, wholesome things during my days, as I also try to rest, and get well. Anyone have any stress-reduction ideas?  Or little "for your health" things they do that they would like to recommend?  I'm all ears!

I am working on my gratitude, too.  I have always believed in the power of thanksgiving, or gratitude, to God.  And so now I'm taking extra special care to notice and be grateful.  The trees have all been in a wild profusion of blooms the past few weeks.  As a Florida girl, I'm still unfamiliar with the flora here, but I know beautiful flowers when I see them!

And I would know by the scent alone that these are lilacs!  Absolutely gorgeous, and one of my favorite scents.  In fact, my lilac-scented Yankee candle jar (from my good friend Pam back home) is burning as I sit at my desk.

More Lamb Therapy!  One of our flock especially loves going into the little wood nearby their field.  He just runs and skips his way into the forest like a little sprite.  That would be Doodle.  He just gets more Doodlish every day!

I hope everyone had a glorious Pascha / Easter, and is having a lovely May.  I know some places back home, in the northern states, are still having horrible weather.  I hope Spring comes soon for you!

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