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Friday, June 9, 2017

Around the Cottage Today

It's a dreich day in Scotland. At least, where we live it is. Wet, grey, dark, windy, cold, dreary. Ah, June in Scotland! Of course, it could all be different tomorrow (here's hoping).

Today I am busy with homemaking tasks. This is somewhat hampered by my inability to eat and drink properly. I'd like to be making a lovely homemade dinner to share with my husband, but I am, instead, drinking my food in the form of juice and smoothies, and considering what to make my husband for dinner. This is one of the times when my healing journey is frustrating and I am impatient.

Also today I plan on doing some stitching. I have many projects on the go, and lots more lined up that I would like to be doing soon. 

My days are much different now that I am working on my own healing. A lot of time is taken up with careful nutrition, careful exercise, reading, energy work, meditation, and prayer. It's a full-time job spurring myself on, motivating myself, staying positive and hopeful. And when the weather is like this, it's doubly hard. Last week I was soaking up the sun and warmth. Life looked much cheerier then. 

Yesterday was a General Election for the UK. Apparently, there was a lot of upset as many people lost their seats and others gained who were not expected to. There is, at the moment, a Hung Parliament. It will be interesting to watch. Happily, though, the candidate we voted for and hoped would win the MP seat for our district DID win. Congrats to Jamie Stone!

Tomorrow there is a Liturgy in Inverness. We are going, and I am both looking forward to it and worrying about how I will feel and handle it. Going out is very difficult for me right now - just the whole energy involved and needing to consider hydration and nourishment all. the. time. We especially want to go because of the obvious: Confession and Communion. But we also want, and need to go, because someone is going to be Chrismated and received into the Church. This is always a glorious time and cause for celebration. My husband is god-parent for this man, as well. 

Our own Chrismation and reception was only two and a half years ago. The journey to reach that point was long and arduous. The journey since has been even more so! But also wonderful. Life definitely changes.

So, today is a day of housework, healing work, and preparation for tomorrow. 

Unlike a lot of blogs out there, I am not writing to show you how fabulous I am, how much I know and what an expert I am, how wonderful my life is, how perfect my home is, or what a great Christian leader I am. All the "how to have a perfect blog" articles out there tell us we have to do this, this, and this in order to be a great blogging success. I think I break all the rules. Sometimes I ruminate on this and wonder what I could do better. But then I realise, this blog is what it is, and my life is just as valid and meaningful as those who have wildly successful blogs. 

One thing all my blogs are: authentic. I really can't offer much more than that. If zillions of people suddenly find and read and love my blogs, great. If not, that's okay, too. 

If anyone is reading today, I hope this blog and my others bless you and encourage you, even in a tiny way.

Stay strong in the Lord!
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