Welcome to Lamb Cottage. It's a real place, and this is where I live with my dear husband. We even have lambs. This is a personal blog, especially concerning life as an American expat in Scotland, life as an over-50, life with lambs, and life as an Orthodox Christian. You're most welcome to come and visit awhile. I hope we can be friends!

About Me


I'm a displaced Floridian living in the Highlands of Scotland, 50-something, and married to the most darling man (and my reason for being in Scotland). My husband and I are both Orthodox Christians, and that is the main thing which defines our lives. Some of my favorite things include various forms of art (not modern or abstract); music ~ especially opera, classical, sacred, choral, and all the crooners of the 30s and 40s; playing piano and clarinet; reading, writing, cooking, travel, and homemaking; and crafts. I love old movies, Italian food and culture; Greek food and culture; and learning about new places and people. I miss the South, my family, my friends back home, and my Mom and Dad. I am proud to be an American, even if our politics are pathetic. I love cats, and my husband and I have four pet sheep! Oh, and I also miss Yoo Hoo and Moon Pies. Did I mention divinity, pecan rolls, and Goo Goo Clusters?

I believe the Christian life is an ascetic struggle (I am pitifully poor at this), and I believe that ultimately, it's all that matters.

We live in a fairly remote area of Scotland, and thus we do not have access to the kinds of things folks in a more urban setting have. I can't just take my work to galleries or gift shops, because there are almost none! So, I share a bit about my life and faith, and promote my arts and crafts using the blog platform. And, I'm grateful for the opportunity!

I run a cottage industry mostly revolving around my original needlework designs, and I keep an Etsy shop.

As it turns out, in early 2017 I discovered I have Myasthenia Gravis.  Add to that leaky gut and poisoning from Omeprazole.  I have found little help via the NHS, and in fact, hold them responsible for the five plus years I was on a drug which is only approved for 14 days.  Thus, I am in the throes of treating and healing myself, with God, of course.  UPDATE:  I am making strides in my natural healing.  Please follow my blog dedicated to self-healing, healthy choices, and autoimmune disorders (particularly MG) to learn more.  Find it here:

Such is life.  I have come and gone on this blog, but am trying to stick with it,

Please do comment or email me.  I enjoy hearing from readers.

God bless you all.

(this is a blog about my own, personal stitching, as well as design development)

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